Camera Owner?

Most people use a camera of some kind whether it is a modern digital SLR, a simple compact or the humble camera phone. But are you bored with all your holiday snaps looking the same and finishing up at the back of a drawer? Do want to take pictures you’ll want to look at again and again?
Contrary to common belief, you do not need complicated or expensive equipment to take good photographs. All expensive equipment does is allow you to take pictures under a wider variety of circumstances; provided you understand the limitations of what you are using you can take interesting and exciting pictures with the simplest of equipment.
The most important thing you need is the ability to see a picture - photographers sometimes call this 'the seeing eye'. Some people can do this intuitively, but for most of us mere mortals it is something that has to be learnt. The good news is, anyone can learn it.
Taking good pictures is a question of practice and luck. But as with any learning process, the more practice you get the luckier you get. A rewarding spin-off from this is that as your picture-taking improves so does your appreciation of the beautiful planet we live on. The fall of the light on everyday scenes and objects you would otherwise not give a second glance will begin to interest you more as you look for new possibilities for a picture.
Evening classes and college courses can teach you a great deal about photography, but there is a more relaxed way where you can progress at your own pace, learn from other people and exchange ideas in a sociable atmosphere. Membership of the local camera club, Photocraft of Wallington, consists of people with a wide range of abilities from beginners to advanced.
Members’ interests range through 19th century processes, colour and monochrome printing to modern digital imaging and image manipulation.

Please Note: it is not necessary to decide on becoming a member immediately, but this would be expected after the first month's attendance. Full details for membership are given on our main website.

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