About Photocraft of Wallington

We try to be a little different from some other Camera Clubs by approaching the subject in a slightly more relaxed and light hearted manner. The social interaction and friendly banter amongst like minded club members is as important as the work presented. We even have the odd ‘fun’ evening (related to photography of course) and an annual club outing.

Most of our photo competitions are ‘in house’ but with external judges, which greatly reduces the obligation to travel to other clubs, yet our standard is high as the occasional inter-club competition helps to confirm. This ‘in house’ policy helps us avoid one of the problems of inter-club competitions where the same few favourite high scoring pictures tend to be put forward each time. Pictures entered for internal competitions should be new and not similar to those entered before. This helps encourage new and often creative work.

Our club programme is constantly evolving to best meet the interests of the club members. At the moment, our competitions are usually ‘open’ and we have two levels of entry: Level 1 for members less experienced or less confident about their work, and Level 2 for more advanced workers. The external judges are asked to bear this in mind and try to give helpful and constructive advice to those entering in Level 1.

The objective is for members to enjoy the club evenings and if they wish, to develop their skills through friendly competition and advice from other members and visiting experts.

Come and visit us.

All the details you need are on our main website, just follow the link below:


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