Monday, 26 October 2015

SPA Competition Success!

Saturday 17th October saw the arrival of the annual SPA Individual Entry Print & PDI Competition, where members of SPA-affiliated clubs have the opportunity to enter up to two pictures each in four competition sections (Open Print, Nature Print, Open PDI and Nature PDI).

This year Photocraft was present in full force, with 6 members participating – a  great turnout considering the relatively small size of our club. Here are four of our members waiting nervously for proceedings to kick off :-)

Proving that size really doesn’t matter and that quality is absolutely more important than quantity, Photocraft snatched two out of four wins, with Mandy B winning the Nature PDI and Dave S winning the Open PDI.  Extra congratulations to Dave S for not only winning, but doing it by securing the only 15 (top marks) of the event.

In addition to the two wins (a better performance than any of the other 24 clubs present ;-) SPA competition virgins Mark B and Aodan H came within 1 point of victory in the Open Print completion with these pictures 

 .. it all bodes well for future competition success!

A great afternoon out and a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some superb photography from our fellow SPA club members.  Bring on the 2016 competition!! J

Thursday, 15 October 2015

All you ever wanted to know ...

Club evening presented by Aodan.

Not quite all you ever wanted to know about photography, but a fantastic start! 

Last night members were treated to a questions and answer session organised and hosted by Aodan. Ably supported by some of the club's more experienced members, Aodan provided answers to questions registered by members in advance (often with the support of photographs taken specifically to illustrate the point or technique being discussed).  

Topics of discussion ranged from Bokeh (who knew there was even such a thing, let alone good and bad Bokeh!) through to removing dust from your camera sensor .. we even managed to get a pot of Vaseline into the conversation at one point (all in the interests of photography of course!) 

Plenty of interactive and interesting dialogue meant that we didn't get through all of the questions, so more to follow! A great evening :-)

Monday, 12 October 2015

And we'll see that one again .... - Print Competition No. 1

Judge: David Harford LRPS

Congrats to Philip and Mandy for their wins in this weeks competition.

Extra kudos for Mandy, also, who got Brian's £20 spot prize for a score of 10 with a photograph taken on the Chatham/Whitstable day trip last year. 

The title of this post are those words you always want to hear when your photo comes up. Those are also judge's words captured when I took this photo above on my new phone. Is this the way forward or just another gimmick? Only time will tell. Either way, the technology still doesn't allow me to play the clip on anything but my phone.

Later this week we have the Q&A session compere'd by Aodan

Then a reminder for our smartphone competition evening on 21 Oct. Let's  get your photos to Mark, see his recent email for details. 

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

PhotoCraft Mount Cutting Service

Hopefully everyone is now aware of the new mount-cutting service available to PhotoCraft members - all details are in the Members' Area of the website including a simple method for fixing your print to the mount. The mounts are cut on a commercial quality mount-cutter so you can be sure they will be as good as you could get elsewhere.

Buying custom mounts for your pictures from commercial sources is expensive and a hassle. If you cut your own mounts, you will know that it is still a hassle and not easy to make a decent job of it. So forget all that and give yourself more time to concentrate on getting your pictures right by using our new fast and hassle-free service. You will make life easier for yourself and at the same time be contributing to club funds where all profits are destined.

The use of cropping in editing software is often underestimated; it is one of the most powerful tools in your armoury for readjusting the balance of a composition. If you are in the habit of buying pre-cut mounts from photographic or art suppliers, consider the advantages of having a custom mount that suits your picture. Don't compromise the effectiveness of your image by forcing it to fit the aspect ratio of a pre-cut mount.

In addition to a standard window mount, if you have a picture you are especially pleased with, we are offering the option of cutting a double mount which can look really cool. These use more materials and take longer to prepare so cost more.

Single mount

 Double mount

Prices to PhotoCraft members:
One single mount £4
A batch of 3 single mounts £10
One double mount £7