Sunday, 26 July 2015

Photocraft at the Carshalton Lavender Fair

Thanks to all who turned up and made this a most enjoyable day (and thanks to those who also volunteered for the Sunday).

We've talked to quite a few interested camera owners and raised a bit of money on the side to go towards speakers for next year.

The trailblazers on the morning shift

... and the afternoon reinforcements


Saturday, 25 July 2015

Next years committee

We also had what must count as one of the liveliest AGMs we've had at the club in a number of years.

We've got a new look committee with plenty of ideas, if only half of them come to fruition it'll be an interesting year next year.

Good Luck to the new committee, let's give them all our support:

Chairman: Mark B
Treasurer: Brenda P
Secretary: Aodan H
Committee Members: Jane D, Dave C.

The new programme will be coming out soon but before then, to keep you busy over the summer, there is our long-term calendar project. A fresh round of photos will be collected at the end of each month so with the June photos are already in, let's get snapping now for the last few days in July. Detail are on a separate post.

Also, at the end of July we have a stall at the Carshalton Lavender Harvest Fair at the Oaks Way allotments. Mark will send round details on a separate email.


2014-2015 Competition Results

We've completed another year of competitions and had the photo of the year competition.

Thanks to everyone for sending in their photos, not just for the end of year competition but over the whole year. I hope everybody has got something from the year and come away a better photographer.

These are the results, congratulations to our winners.

First the photo "league" trophy winners were:

Projected Digital Image

Level 1 winner - Graham A
Level 2 winner - Dave C


Level 1 winner - Graham A
Level 2 winner - David S

Monochrome Prints

There was no level 1 (this year)
Level 2 winner - Mandy B

Then the one-off Photo of the Year competition :

Projected Digital Image

Dawn bus  by Dave C

Blackthorn on the Heath  by Mandy B
High roller  by Dave C


Hill top  by David S

Bury yourself  by Aodan H
Shanks pony  by Howard C