Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Photos from the park

Here's a selection of the photos presented last week as a result of Photocraft's trip to Beddington Park.

It's always interesting to see how we can all walk on the same route but the result can be to such a diverse range of photos.

Monday, 25 May 2015

New version of PhotoCraft disc now available!

A new version of the disc (Version 3) with a collection of presentations on photography given to the club is now available. Several new talks have been added since the last version was issued some years ago.

The disc now has the following slide shows covering many aspects of our art:

1. Using your camera basics 1
2. Using your camera basics 2
3. Colour management
4. Photo Critique
5. Composing pictures
6. Influential Photographers
7. Perplexed about Pixels?
8. Sharpening basics
9. PhotoShop Layers and Masks (handout)
10. Macrophotography
11. Coping with Contrast

The talks start with the absolute basics of each topic and build from there. So whether you consider yourself a beginner or advanced, you should find something interesting here.

The disc is available to club members only. If you want a copy (in exchange for a donation of £5 to club funds), please ask David P.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Beddington Park Field Trip

The annual field trip to Beddington Park was held last Wednesday with the customary drink afterwards in The Grange. The weather gods were good to us this year with a clear sky letting us get the most of the light.

Note, we will be looking at the photos this Wednesday 20th May. (This is a change to the programme, the AGM will now be held on the 3rd June.)

Photocraft at large in Beddington Park

If photo walkabouts are your thing then why not sign up for Brian's coach trip to the Historic Dockyard in Dunstable and Whitstable on Sunday 7th June. Time is running out to book a place, so see Brian at this weeks meeting. 

Monday, 4 May 2015

Life is a bowl of cherries - the ballot results

It got a bit rushed near the end of our "bowl of cherries" evening so I'll repeat the results of the votes on here.

Before I do so, let me thank everyone who submitted photos, contributed to the discussion and of course did the voting. Here is a sample of the diverse range of images entered on night. Who would have known "tabletop" could mean so many things to different people.

First vote was based on "first impact" 3-sec run through. Total (71 votes cast)

3rd place (4 votes)
Floating Gerbera

2nd place (5 votes)
On the beach

1st place (7 votes)

The second vote was taken after each person had a chance to present their photo and answer any questions. (Total 39 votes cast)

3rd place (3 votes)

2nd place (5 votes)

1st place (7votes)

Congratulations to Lynne W (Cityscape), Mark B (Vase), and David P (Euphorbia) for their first places.