Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Perplexed about Pixels?

Had a word with David P about his talk on 25th February. He said, OK, at the end of the day, all we are interested in is the big picture and how it looks. But understanding how pixels actually work to build your picture, and what happens when you apply editing tools, can give you a level of understanding that will open doors in digital photography you never realised existed.
The talk assumes you know nothing, so if you do know stuff, please bear with...
He  will describe what a pixel is, what editing does to it, how big they are or can be, and how to change their size to suit your purpose. Includes when to and when not to Resample, and what Interpolation and Pixelation mean. Also the difference between image resolution and image sharpness, and that between ppi and dpi.
Finally, how to sharpen your pictures.

You know you want to know all this. Questions and polite interruptions welcome. No handouts, but if anyone would like a copy of the presentation (PowerPoint) to revisit later, just bring a memory stick along with you.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Your ideas please ......

This week everyone has a chance to air their views and ideas of how we want the club to develop.

We can use one half of the evening to see how everyone produced their competition photos in the last 2 comps but the other half is set aside for a discussion on the future of the club. 

In advance of the AGM this year, we can discuss ideas on how to improve the club for its current members and also attract new members. We also need to think about fundraising for next year. 

Typically, by the time we get to the AGM in May, attention turns to summer holidays and often it is too late to act upon the ideas raised, so things tend to carry on as they were before. 

So this time,  let's come up with some new ideas. We have the time to try out a few things before the end of the season ...

So that's gone quick!

It's February already, we've had 2 rounds of completion, a "bring and share" evening of portrait photography and a cracking talk by Darren Pullman giving a gentle introduction to the various ways to "process" a photo in Photoshop, we even got a handout at the end. 

The first meeting of the year was a "bring and share" event where everyone brought in some portrait photos to compare and discuss. There haven't been many portrait photos shown in our competitions recently so this was a good environment to air some of those photos we may have been uneasy about putting in front of a judge. Hopefully, we'll see some entered in competitions soon. 

The first competition of the year was a print competition judged by David Lloyd LRPS. It was encouraging to see entries in the Level 1 class again. Sometimes the printed photo can be a bit more daunting for the uninitiated but it's the original and versatile way to show off your photos and really not that difficult, once you've done it once or twice. Congrats to Graham A for taking the 10 points. 

The Level 2 competition turned out to be a close run thing with Dave P's graphic composition of the roof of Wisley Gardens glasshouse narrowly beating Dave S's study on art gallery arches. In the end it was museum's security guard sitting with a bent back that gave the 10+ to the Wisley roof. Such small details can make the difference!

The following week, Darren Pullman treated us to a very polished presentation introducing photo editing techniques from cropping and straightening to clone stamps and blend modes. The presentation showed various before and after shots to demonstrate the techniques and how effective they were in improving your photo. Darren also encouraged the viewer to search the Internet for the keywords of each subject (with the title of their software) to avail of the many free tutorials posted there. 

Now, I'll get to the report on last week's PDI competition later in the week but first a few words about the special meeting this week.

See the next post .....