Monday, 17 November 2014

Recent External Competition success at the Surrey Photographic Association

You may remember a few weeks ago Dave S tried to encourage members to enter the SPA's Individual Entry Competition which was held last Saturday (15th November) at East Horsley. Three members entered pictures and I am delighted to announce that two of them left the hall sporting bright shiny medals!

Mandy's 'Hen Sparrow with nesting material' was selected by one of the three judges as his favourite image in the Nature PDI class, and 'Lone Birch' by Dave S was selected as a judge's favourite in the Open Prints class. Congratulations to them both, and be sure to give them hearty slaps on the back next time you see them.

Hen Sparrow with nesting material by Mandy

Lone Birch by Dave S

This follows on from Mandy's success in the same competition last year when she won both the Print and the PDI Nature classes, plus a judge's favourite. For a small club like ours up against all other camera club members in Surrey, this is a tremendous achievement. Hopefully, some of the heavyweight clubs in Surrey are beginning to think.. 'PhotoCraft, where are they, and who are these guys?!'

We have plenty of talent in the club, so next year why not think about putting something in yourself? This is a stand-alone competition separate from the SPA inter-club competitions and any individual member from an affiliated club like ours can enter whatever images they choose. You will be representing your club but entering as an individual (so no one at PhotoCraft can tell you what you can or can't put in). You have a year to think about it and we will give you fair warning of the deadline for entries around November 2015.



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